Professional Code of Excellence – GEA Response

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2018-2019 Calendar

The Board is scheduled to consider the 2018-2019 District Calendar as drafted by the Superintendent.

If you would like to have input about the calendar, you are encourage to directly contact the Board members.

You can watch the ;ive stream of the Board meeting here:

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A minor change in school calendar is going to be announced…

A minor change in school calendar is going to be announced…

The GEA was asked to and did approve a Memo of Understanding for a one time occasion.

August 21st will be a FULL DAY of school do to the Solar Eclipse and the many events that “teachers” have planned for this particular day.

In exchange, we will have an early out on the 8th day of school (Aug 24th?). The hour of early dismissal time will be reserved for TEACHER WORK TIME.. If the 21st happens to be out early due to heat staff will be able to leave 10 mins after students are dismissed.

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2017 School Board Election

GEA Members: I have been directed to share the results of the GEA Candidate Forum. Of those present, the top candidates were Rod Scherpe and Vickie Banks. Both received ratings higher than 85% from the members attending the forum.

The GEA is choosing not to officially endorse candidates for this election because, in part, viable candidates were not able to attend.

Some members have expressed concern about splitting the votes by voting for other candidates.  This could lead to a candidate less favorable being elected.  Additionally, some have expressed concern for voting for candidates and giving them a false sense of an approved mandate when they are actually uncontested.

Make a difference.  With an expected moderate turnout EVERY vote will be needed.  Vote!!

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GEA 2017 Election Ballot

GEA 2017 Ballot

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2016 Election


As you may know, the Galesburg Education Association along with the Illinois Education Association has voted to give our support to Bill Butts for the upcoming election on Nov. 8th. Pam Davidson, the Knox County Democratic Chair has contacted us to ask for our help. They need volunteers for Sat. and Sun. from 9:30 to approximately 3:00. If you could help for even two hours it would be greatly appreciated. Lunch will be provided at around 12:00. They are expecting Cheri Bustos, Bill Butts and possibly other representative to be there. It is my understanding that the GEA family and friends are needed to help canvass the Knoxville area. Volunteers will have a quick training around 9:30. It will be a set of simple instructions. Volunteers will be allowed to work in groups or alone. The address for us to meet is 323 E Main St. in Galesburg. This is the Knox County Democrats Headquarters. I know this is a short notice but it is our opportunity to help elect someone that is a strong supporter for the GEA. Bill Butts stood behind us during the strike.  Mr. Butts is a strong supporter of unions. If you can please help, all you have to do is show up at the headquarters around 9:30. You can call me if you have questions. I plan on being there by 9:30 tomorrow morning. I hope to have several of you there with me to show that the G.E.A. stands behind those that stand up for us.

Dave Sharp


Galesburg Education Association


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Galesburg’s Labor Day Parade!

Galesburg’s Labor Day Parade!

Bring your families and walk with us as we represent our profession with pride.

We will gather on Chambers St. between 9:30 and 9:45 on Monday, September 8 (exact line-up location will be sent out soon).

If you have them, wear your GEA or School Shirts.
Signs with positive messages are welcome.

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GEA Back To School Bash

Here it is folks… as promised.

Sign up using the Google Doc HERE.


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Get out to spread the word and vote.

It’s time. At the beginning of the year we discussed what needed to be done “this spring”.

It’s your chance to make a difference.  Help spread the word and VOTE!

Support Card

April 7th Election for Galesburg
-Members of the Board of Education

(1) Early Voting has started!!!
     -Vote at Galesburg Election Office (City Hall across Broad Street from Library)
     – Monday – Friday 8-5
     – Voters need a Government issued photo ID (Drivers License)
(2) Absentee Voting
    – Submit application to Election Office by April 2, 2015
    – Voters do not need a reason or excuse to vote absentee
(3) Election Day: Tuesday., April 7, 6am-7pm
    – Vote at your regular precinct assigned polling location
Note the area for School Board contains a location for two write in candidates; candidate running for write in is: Jean Ann Glasnovich.  It is totally acceptable to bring in a “cheat sheet” to help remember write in candidates names and spelling.


Questions:  can call the Election office at 309.345.3660.


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Snow Day – Update


GEA’s response…

Dear Mrs. VanHootegem,

In response to your letter on January 29, 2015,  IEA legal has informed the GEA that it is the Board’s exclusive managerial right to add the four snow days that the district intends to make up on June 2,3,4 and 5, into the school calendar.


Dave Sharp
GEA President



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