Insurance Update:

The Board will be presented with a plan to dramatically increase our members’ insurance costs. This proposal “came from” the insurance committee. From what we understand there was not a quorum present for the vote and not all the GEA members on the committee were notified of the meeting.

You will likely hear that the Board proposed a different option and the GEA stopped it. Yes, the GEA pointed out the Board’s initial proposal violated the terms of the contract and would need to be bargained. The Board chose not to propose such changes as part of their bargaining proposal. Furthermore, the GEA objected to the Board singling out a sub-group of our membership and placing the burden of the increase on them. The GEA proposed we could agree to their plan IF individuals would be grandfathered into the changes. The Board declined.

The GEA objects to nearly doubling our members out-of-pocket and premium costs during a worldwide pandemic and believe it’s outrageous to do so while at the same meeting contemplating expanding the number of our members being exposed.

All this while we are in the midst of trying to settle a contract.


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9.4.2020 GEA President Update:

GEA Update

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8.17.2020 Membership Update (2-page)

Please read the 2-page update.  Click on the document to access the second page.

8.17.20 Membership Update
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No pay for CUSD#205 Nurses, Paraprofessionals, and Secretaries

In an email sent at 10:28 this morning from Jennifer Hamm, Assistant Superintendent for Finance/Operations, many employees from District 205 were informed they would not receive any further paychecks until mid-September.  With 5-days notice before their first missed paycheck, the District tells it’s employees they will receive no income for a month.  The Galesburg Education Association has contacted the District for an explanation for their lack of transparency and communication.

Pay Dates 2020-2021 Nurses, Paras, Sec, Exempt 9Mo Hrly

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New Home

just a quick note.  GEA now has a new home.  We have moved locations for our office.  We now are renting space in the back of a realtor office.  782 N Henderson.  Across from Dominos Pizza.

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Tonight the GEA was able to negotiate additional benefits for those RIFed in the latest Board action.  One thing that should be pointed out that they did not discuss at the Board meeting and I’m guessing haven’t told those recalled.  They are recalling Para’s to a 6-hour position for the 186 days, assuming we are out all year.

Benefits for those RIFed:

  • The District will not fight unemployment claims.
  • Employees will receive an extended 12 months of recall from the date of full return to learn (all students and staff in school)
  • Any employee declining a recall due to a COVID-related issue, the District will not fight the unemployment and the employee will be moved to the bottom of the seniority list for recall.
  • The District will continue to pay the Board’s share of insurance until October 31st, 2020.  The employee will be responsible for their $50 portion.
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7.24.20 Press Release

PR 7.24.20
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GEA Info Update 7.1.2020

GEA update 7_1
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COVID-19 Update

We know everyone is waiting for information about what is going on now that schools have been closed until March 30th.  Things are very fluid and decisions are trying to be made.  There are a lot of moving parts to this.

If you copy or share it, you may be distributing old information.

Below is information regarding pay, benefits, who is required to report to work, and obtaining critical
items left in the buildings during the closure.

1. Who Reports to Work: No one is to report to work unless you have been contacted by Dr.
Asplund or Mrs. Hamm and identified as essential personnel. We will need the building nurses
to report to their buildings from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM on Monday.

2. Pay: All regular employees will continue to be paid during the leave unless you are on an
approved unpaid leave. You do not need to submit timesheets. Hourly workers will be paid for
their scheduled times and salaried employees will receive their normal paychecks. You will
receive your next paycheck on March 27th.

3. Insurance: If you have insurance through District #205, none of your benefits will change.
4. Access to Buildings: Staff will not have access to any District buildings or facilities through
March 30th unless identified as essential personnel.

5. Retrieval of “Critical Items” from the Buildings: If you have a medication or critical item you
need from a building, please email your principal by Sunday, March 15th by 12:00 PM (noon).
Principals will retrieve those items from your rooms and they will be available for pickup on
Monday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Please include the location of these items in your rooms
so that principals can quickly retrieve them. Please pull up in your car to the main entrance of
the building, unless you are an employee of Lombard. Lombard employees will need to walk up
to the main entrance, but will not be permitted into the building.

6. Activity Account Requests: Central Office will not be processing any activity account requests
until further notice.

7. Facility Use Agreements/ Field Trip Requests: Central Office will not be processing any of these
requests until further notice.

8. Initial Case Study Requests for Special Education: Do not email the special education
coordinators or director with requests for initial case studies until schools reopen. They are
inundated with holding telephone IEP meetings that are still required to continue (as of today)
by ISBE.

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Oct. Meeting 2019 GEA Agenda (1)
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